Director’s Journal: Day Off

Friday, Day Off.

The producers decided that Friday’s would be our days off in the shooting schedule.  Taking off a normal weekend day like Saturday or Sunday wouldn’t make sense, since, most people have the weekend off, and it was easier to schedule people to show up on set when they don’t have to take time off from work.

On my day off, I decide to accompany my brother on an excursion to Banana Republic.  Lisa is working, after all, and I feel guilty knowing full well that I am going to miss his birthday party while I’m shooting, coming up in two days.  I already missed my mom’s birthday party.  Sacrifices keep mounting…

So we are standing in the Southdale Banana Republic, and my brother is looking at green sweaters, when my phone rings.  It is Jeremy Wilker, Cinematographer, telling me not to panic yet, but we may have lost some of yesterday’s work from a faulty data card.

The next twenty minutes consist of me pacing back and forth in Banana Republic, praying that we didn’t lose anything irreplaceable, and hoping that we wouldn’t be thrust too far behind schedule to recover.  Jeremy tells me that he was up all night trying to recover the data.  What a way to spend your one, day off.

The rest of the day is a blur, but I later receive a call from Jeremy telling me we have saved nearly all of the data by way of the last ditch effort of recover that seems to have payed off.  What did we lose?  A shot of Sasha looking out of her truck.  Some clouds.  A nights sleep, and a trip to Banana Republic.

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