Director’s Journal: Day 13

Saturday, Day 13.

The day goes smoothly, possibly because we are all rejuvenated from a lovely day off, and possibly because there is a strong sense that we’ve crossed into the final bend.  We are at Kareem’s house, and we shoot a comfortable scene with Mohannad, Flora, and Adam at the breakfast table.  The sun shines in beautifully, if not somewhat unevenly, and the orange peels glisten on the table.  The dialogue feels natural today, and I am satisfied.  We work through the day, and arrive at the evening scenes early.  We decide to shoot them Day for Night, with cardboard blocking the windows.  The day ends without incident.  Is it possible we are getting the hang of this?  It still feels hectic, but we stayed on schedule for today’s call sheet, and even caught up on some of the pick up shots that we missed before.

Spirits are high when we call it a night.  As I drive home one of the producers, the topic of conversation turns to the relief we feel after letting go of one of the makeup specialists.   I called and left a message on this individual’s voicemail the night before, letting her know that it wasn’t working out.  It’s hard to fire someone, but continuity and boundary issues made it a necessity.   I watch my colleague walk up the stairs to her apartment, and then drive home through the summer evening, windows down, listening to a Wes Montgomery CD.   I think about my girlfriend, Lisa.  Will she continue to put up with my crazy schedule?  She’s been dealing with it for almost a year.  Wes Montgomery strikes octaves that travel up the neck of his guitar, and I speed home.

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