That’s a wrap!

Beer and MusicOfficially we were done shooting principal photography on Triumph67 after 18 days on-set last Thursday… unofficially we (Dan, Kareem and myself) went out and shot four more scenes yesterday afternoon. I believe now we are done. We just needed to get an establishing shot, two retakes and a brand new scene in the can to fulfill the entire list of scenes needed for the film. And the last shot was a heck of a happy accident that may well be over-the-top even though it was completely natural (think too-good-to-be-true sunlight glinting off a metal prop kind of thing). Regardless, I’ve been in a low-key sleepy kind of mood since then and I’m quite OK with that. It was a long, hard process that wore us all out, even as it charged us up with adrenaline. I’m still basking in the glow of all the great and crazy stuff we accomplished just because we desired it. Amazing. Time for some loud music and an adult beverage.

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