Director’s Journal: Postproduction, Part 2

The status of postproduction for Triumph67 has advanced to a place much closer to finishing by our self-imposed deadline of the end of the summer.  After working with Reid Kruger at Waterbury Music for an intense week pouring over every scene of the film, I have signed off on the score of the film, and am leaving him to mix it to perfection.  Reid is a master at dynamic piano playing and sprucing up a melody with a luscious symphony sound from his string machine.  The music brings a sweetness and sense of hope to the film that will serve as counterpoint to the heaviness of the content.  It also beautifully brings out a sense of inevitability that compliments the themes of family cycles and the father-son relationship.

Reid’s energy and expertise were a windfall for our project, and I should probably thank Dena Gad (who played Doctor Elfouley in the film) for steering us in his direction.  I met Reid at Dena’s house gathering over half a year ago.  Dena had mentioned him as as someone she respected the first time I met her in 2009, and believed that he could do a good job with the score.  I was impressed with his work from scoring the Listening Project, as were Mohannad and Jeremy, and we were lucky that he could squeeze us in before our deadline when we were finally ready to address the score.

Meanwhile, Dominic Hanft is working on mixing the sound, which covers everything from smoothing out the dialogue to adding the distant sound of waterfalls and the faint chirping of crickets.  Dominic is recording foley into a handheld Zoom recorder, making fixes and replacing mic noise.  His most important job will be to make sure the dialogue is even and clean, and the audio transitions from scene to scene are smooth.

While Dominic works on sound mixing, we will spend today at Crash and Sues in downtown Minneapolis, where the film will be spruced up with state of the art color correcting technology.  Sue, herself, is working on the color.  Her job will be to bring each shot to life, making it pop where it is supposed to pop, and settle into the background where it is supposed to settle.  My job will be to sit at the polished wooden desk in a thousand dollar office chair, eating muffins and sipping a bottle of orange juice and coffee.  They really know how to take care of you at Crash and Sues.  I’ll be sure to be on time.

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