Director’s Journal: Festivals Festivals Festivals

After about 5 hours last night and 3 hours last week, we have applied to around 14 festivals.  We identified a list of almost 50 festivals that seem worthwhile, and we will spend the next three to six months working with festivals to find a good match.  Talking about festivals like Cannes and Sundance gets us excited but conflicted.  What are the chances for our indie film to get noticed?  Whom do you have to know, how much is politics, and how much has to do with the film that will determine whether or not it gets in?  Even between producers we have different expectations and levels of confidence, different levels of experience in working with festivals, and different ideas of what it will mean to get into festivals.  I wonder about how I’ll work festivals into my schedule, how I’ll raise funds to be able to attend, and how I’ll react to criticism.  I think about what I can and should say when asked about being a Jewish director, working with a Palestinian producer.  I wonder how nervous/excited to talk to the press about the film, or be interviewed.

And so, I have to shake off my nobody coat and put my somebody coat on.  And as I walk proudly out into the sun, wearing my somebody coat… a bird shits on it.

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