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Eliaza and I (Part 1)

Her name was Eliaza. She was like the sun (to paraphrase from the script). For two years, she was my seasonal lover—a 1973 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5.

I’d fallen in love with the car during my adolescence, probably after I’d seen Roger Moore, as 007, having removed the tyres and somehow got the car on railway tracks, outpace a train while driving in reverse!

I’d picked her up in Anoka, for a little over a grand then spent over a year […Read more »]

The Death March, or An Evening with Heinous Feta

We were now in the middle of the second week of shooting and had moved the set to Kim and Kareem’s house. Exhausted and strained after the first week of shooting and hardly having recovered during the single day off the we’d got after seven or eight days of 14-18 hour days, we hadn’t yet adjusted to the rigor and intensity, which I think we had by the third week.

We had decided to start our day late, at noon, because […Read more »]

A Wedding of Sorts

Weddings cramp my style in more ways than I can describe, even when I adore the newlyweds. A wedding scheduled two hours before an important appointment related to Triumph67 and taking place while a snow storm raged outside proved slightly more than inconvenient. I was an hour and a half late for the latter!

I was scheduled to meet Dan and Waiel. I had met Waiel through a mutual friend a couple of months earlier, when we both had quickly learned […Read more »]