Dan Tanz, Heidi Haaland, Mohanned Ghawanmeh, Jeremy Wilker

Associate Producer:
Kitty Aal

Heidi Haaland, Dan Tanz

Dan Tanz

Assistant Director:
Waiel Safwat

Casting Director:
Kitty Aal

Jeremy Wilker

Assistant Camera:
Julie Gaynin, Brendan Devanie

Super8 Camera Crew:
Kitty Aal, Julie Gaynin

Lighting Director:
Jason Blumenthal

Lighting Assistant:
Ben Holt

Chris Hedeen

Sound Assistant:
Max Balhorn

Sound Editor:
Reid Kruger

Guy Harrison

Set Design:
Cheri Anderson, Bryan Bredahl

Props Master:
Katherine Loudenslager

Vanessa Miles

Assistant Wardrobe:
Deborah Fiscus, Jeff Miles

Makeup and Hair:
Brett Dorrian, Sarah Mittelstaedt, Sabrina Rogers, Andrea Siedenkranz,  Jamie Holly, Charlene Samarah

Production Manager:
Ericka Glenn

Assistant Production Manager:
Julian Ouanes

Production Assistant:
Aman Ghawanmeh, Rami Azzazi

Script Supervisor/Continuity:
James Janicelli

Reid Kruger, Waterbury Music & Sound

K. Flo Razowsky

Assistant Photographer:
Rami Azzazi, James Janicelli

Craft Services:
Fatima Abu Rayyan, Aman Ghawanmeh

Featured Art:
Isaac Bratzel

Motorcycle Repair & Consultation:
Roy’s Repair

Gear Rentals:
Jack Boniface, Michael Jensen

Evan Nagan

“I am from there”
poem by Mahmoud Darwish

Special Thanks to:

Holy Land Deli, Audioquip, Roy’s Repair, Stabby’s Cafe, Odds and Ends, Film & Video Services, French Meadow Bakery and Cafe, Kiersten Chace, Fady Joudah, TJ, Suzanne Gardella, Macalester College, University of St. Thomas, KUST Radio, Leola Johnson, Eric Nelson, Masam and Terese Mehran, Terry Haaland, Mark and Laura Tanz, Chris Tanz, Jean Paul Bierney, Kim Sundeen, Kareem Aal, Emray Aal, Michael Forseth and Rachel Vogel-Forseth, Lisa Watson, Meghan Wilker, Trixie Wilker, Theo Wilker, Melody Gilbert