Dan Tanz


Triumph67 is Dan Tanz’s first feature film.  Dan Tanz got the idea for the film while driving with his brother, Joshua through the Driftless Area of South-Eastern Minnesota in the Summer of 2008.  It was there that he imagined an outsider on a triumphant journey through the darkest depths of his past.  A year later, a different vision had formed:  the story of two brothers facing a painful realization, their history as Palestinians searching for a lasting identity, and the perseverance of family.  Through his collaboration with two, prominent Arab film aficionados, Mohannad Ghawanmeh and Kitty Aal, Dan Tanz set out to tell the story of a voice that has been ignored or demonized by Hollywood for decades.  Triumph67 reflects the filmmaker’s commitment to the underdog, the antihero, and the deliberate, transcendental cinema that inspired him.