Jeremy Wilker

DP Jeremy Wilker

After spending years doing short documentary and corporate works (and one historical documentary still-in-progress about octogenarian speed skaters), Jeremy relished the idea of tackling a narrative feature film. Through a connection made while shooting on Kartemquin’s TYPEFACE documentary, he met writer/director Dan Tanz and immediately fell completely and utterly in love with the idea and script to TRIUMPH67. Once cinematography was complete, his passion and problem-solving skills were put to use as the film’s editor and co-producer (his long graphic arts and print industry background and web development experience probably also convinced Driftless Pictures). When Jeremy isn’t behind the camera, he can be found on the set of commercial photo shoots as a digital tech/retoucher (TWEAK Digital) or playing with his two awesome kids. He is also co-founder of, an amazing gallery of fine art photography prints.