Kitty Aal

Kitty is a film curator and photographer. She is a graduate of the Communication Arts and Film Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (B.A. 1998). She served 4 years on the Wisconsin Union Directorate’s Film Committee as coordinator of various film series and festivals, including the Starlight Cinema underground series. She also inaugurated and curated the Blow Up Cinema series at the Elvehjem Museum. She held internships at the Walker Art Center’s Film and Video Department (1998) and the Minnesota Film and T.V. Board (2001). In conjunction with Cinema Revolution, Kitty curated Cinema des Artistes, a monthly film and discussion series at the Varsity Theater (2005-2007). She has been a regular guest on TPT Channel 17’s Bel-Ahdan program discussing film from the Middle East. She also served on Mizna’s Fourth Arab Film Festival Selection and Planning Committee and was Co-Organizer of the Cinema and Society in the Arab World Conference at the University of Minnesota (2006). Most recently, she helped translate passages from French into English for the Collectif Jeune Cinéma experimental film distribution catalog in Paris (2007).