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Media Mentions
2011-11-02: KFAI Art Matters Interview for the Twin Cities Arab Film Festival

2011-04-15: MPR News The single image that launched TRIUMPH67 by Euan Kerr

2011-04-13: MPR Radio Film Fest bigger than ever – and more Minnesotan

2011-04-13: PioneerPress – MSPIFF First Week Highlights: “TRIUMPH67: A handsomely shot psychological drama,” says Chris Hewitt

2011-04-13: Dunwoody College News

2011-04-12: FEN Magazine TRIUMPH67 Trailer & Interview

2011-04-11: Vita.MN “Poignant and moody…” says Colin Covert

2011-04-06: MPR – Pumping up the Minnesota in MSPIFF

2011-02-27: StarTribune – Online partrons make art dreams come true

2010-10-25: Row Three pubcast with Jeremy Wilker

2010-02-24: Minnesota Playlist

2009-08-22: Variety (Production Listing)