Rough Cut Done!

We set ourselves a deadline of the end of the year to get the rough cut edit done and even with various delays and extended timelines, we met our goal and finished the rough cut tonight! It feels great to reach this milestone, even though we are well aware that we still have a lot of work left with sound mixing, soundtrack and color correction before the film is ready to be screened. Wow! Excuse us while we pour a celebratory drink and get ready for the new year… 2010 is going to be amazing.

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Editing has begun!

Sami and CameraDan and I (Jeremy) spent the past two days capturing all the Super8 film reels in HD video for the rough cut editing process. It took longer than expected as one projector went on the fritz and then we had some technical issues (a rolling-type shutter effect) for which we had to find a solution (and did). We finally got all the reels in digital form and started editing the rough cut of the film! It is really amazing to see scenes shot on various days and in multiple locations come together to form something cohesive. Keep in mind that this is the rough cut and we are aiming for year’s-end for a finished film.

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