Festival Gamble

The process of submitting an independent film to a major film festival is uncannily similar to gambling: you put on your tuxedo (make your film), place your bet (pay the fees and submit), and then the wheel is spun or the cards are dealt (pick your casino analogy here) and it is out of your hands and up to luck, or fate, as it may be.

You may believe that you have studied up, that you are a shining star, that you’ve got the mojo and that surely you will win this round, but the odds are steeply against you. Go ahead and sit down if you are cruising along reading this on your iPhone, because no matter what you may think you’ve done, it all comes down to chance, and a slim one at that.

How slim? Well, I’m no mathlete, but according to the numbers I ran, it looks like our chance of getting into Sundance was three percent. Yeah, you say, sure, that is the biggest festival and chock full of big names, big films, big budgets… but what about Slamdance across the street? Um, two percent.

Let’s take a look at other things that could happen to you in your lifetime:
@tweak's film festival odds chart 2010

Excuse me for a bit while I go fill out my application to Harvard!

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