Reflections on Flyway, Part 2

I wish I could go back and live the day one more time that we got to watch Triumph67 at the Flyway Film Festival, as a work in progress.  What a great venue (next to the wonderful pie shop), and what great company!  Many thanks to the filmmakers who stuck around and gave feedback.  The Lake and drive up were so beautiful, and I truly recommend this film festival to anyone in years to come, filmmaker and audiences alike.

I want to thank Rick Vaicius again for his interest in our film, kind words, and for his accommodating our film as a work in progress.  Rick has really forged a special community of filmmakers and artists in the Driftless Area.  Entrepreneurs with an eye for art and its place in building and sustaining community are so important in keeping the Midwest relevant, and I am very impressed with Vaicius’ knack for the business, and his cultivation of a place for artists and film enthusiasts to come together and find one another.  I think everyone involved agrees how special it was to be part of the experience, from the opening night kickoff party to delicious coffee and pie next door.  My experience with the Flyway Film Festival is one I hope to revisit and reflect upon further when I fully come down from the joy of sharing my work with such an intimate and appreciative audience.

I want to also thank the cast and crew for coming out, and our wonderful friends and families for such amazing support and understanding over the last two and a half years during the making of Triumph67.

Dan T.

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Director’s Journal: Flyway Film Festival (Work in Progress Screening) October 24th, 2010. 5pm.

Through the very social and hard working prowess of Jeremy Wilker, our co-producer and DP, we have worked out an extra special arrangement with Rick over at Flyway Film Festival.  Triumph67 will show as a work in progress (not quite fully completed, but getting sort of close) for those of you who are interested in checking out where we are at with the process.  I think it will be well worth the journey along the beautiful Mississippi River as Autumn winds to a close to check out Stockholm MN.  It’s a cool little arts town, and within range for a short stint into the beautiful Driftless Area where my film company got its name.

The flyway festival is getting a lot of great buzz, so we are thrilled to be showing there as a work in progress.  Hope to see you soon.

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