Kickstarter Success!

Thanks for your support of Triumph67!

With 33 hours yet to go, Triumph67 has blasted past its goal of $10,000, as folks just like you realize the value of independent cinema, and the importance of contributing to film that matters.  A huge thank you to those who have contributed!  We will always remember your kindness when we asked for your support.  Funds raised through this campaign go toward hard costs that are involved with finishing our film, and bringing it to its audience.  It means so much to have so many people come out of the woodwork, and demonstrate their excitement, support, and enthusiastic willingness to PARTICIPATE in the process of making films happen.  Thank YOU!

Dan Tanz,

Driftless Pictures.

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Day 5, Kickstarter

What a rally!  What support!  We have raised over 30% of our hefty goal on Kickstarter, in the first four days.  So today, let’s keep up the momentum.  Everybody counts.  Your support counts!  We need your help, and appreciate your service to independent film.  Be a patron of the arts.  It will come back to you.

Contribute to our Kickstarter campaign today!

Day 5 on

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Day 3, Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a go! How amazing!  In three days, we raised well over two thousand bucks for our feature film, Triumph67.  But we have to make it to $10,000, or its bust!  Can we do it?  Go GO GO!

Check out the video on our kickstarter page.  There you’ll see a few precious clips from Triumph67, along with me humbly asking for your support in raising finishing funds.  I truly believe that with your help, our ambitious goal to raise $10,000 can be achieved.  I am so thankful to my friends, family, and to folks who are coming out of the woodwork to help make Triumph67 possible.  Every contribution helps, every person makes a difference, and everybody is welcome to help support us finish our film.  Be part of our family.  Contribute today:  Contribute to Triumph67 on Kickstarter

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